Garage Cabinets in Spearfish

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Owner of Garage Solutions, Steve Mathiesen, performed a garage transformation that is almost unbelievable! Like many homeowners, the owners of this garage had quickly accumulated too much stuff and not enough space to store everything in. Noticing that they needed help to reclaim their garage, they called Garage Solutions.

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Quickly, professional organizer Steve Mathiesen and his team, got to work on the garage. Homeowners are encouraged to play an active role in determining what should be kept, donated, and thrown out. With a newly sorted through and organized set of the items, the team was quickly on their way to fulfilling all the needs for garage storage in Spearfish.

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By installing new Monkey Bar garage cabinets in chocolate, Steve was able to put the old and overworked shelving to rest. Utilizing cabinets is a great way to store items out of site and out of mind, giving the garage a clean and sleek look. These garage cabinets in Spearfish also allow for safer storage than shelving units that extend from the floor because they are available in locking options. This means that homeowners need not worry about children or pets getting into harmful chemicals or sharp tools.

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In addition to the beautiful cabinets, Mathiesen also installed epoxy flooring and Monkey Bars shelving units. If you’ll notice in the before photos, this garage storage in Spearfish was lacking a space efficient option for storing bikes. With the help of the Monkey Bar shelving unit, homeowners will now be able to easily store their bikes out of the way, and not take up a lot of space.

To finish off this perfect garage storage in Spearfish, an epoxy floor coating was installed. Epoxy is a great option for the garage because it won’t fade, peel, or crack over time. In addition, it is easy to clean and almost maintenance free.

What do you think of the overall transformation? We think it’s one of the best installs of garage cabinets in Spearfish yet.

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