Family Gets Dream Garage with Garage Shelving in Sturgis

garage shelving sturgis

Because our garages are used so frequently, they oftentimes become disorganized and overstuffed. One family sought the help of Garage Solutions to make their dream garage a reality. With the help of garage shelving in Sturgis, they got everything up, and off the ground.

The family’s goals for the project at hand were simple:

  1. Cut down on the amount of stuff they had in their garage.
  2. Get everything up, off the floor.
  3. Allow items that are used frequently to be easily accessed.
  4. Make the garage more safe for their family.

Here’s how Garage Solutions made each goal, a reality.

Steve, owner of Garage Solutions, helped the family cut down on the amount of items they were storing in the garage. As a highly trained organizer, he efficiently helped the family sort through clutter and decide what should stay and what should go.

Getting everything up and off the floor was easy with the help of garage shelving in Sturgis. Using the one of a kind Monkey Bars garage shelving, this family will now have everything they use frequently up, off the ground, and within an arm’s reach away.

This garage shelving in Sturgis uses layering to store 3x more in ⅓ the space of our competitor’s products. These shelves also use hooks, making the items that the family uses easily accessible, but still out of the way.

To make the garage safer for the family, an epoxy floor coating was installed. The epoxy’s chips make the floor slip-resistant and safe.

If you’re looking to get your garage organized, give us a call for the best garage shelving Sturgis has to offer.